I am at a family reunion, somewhere in the South, it is at some muncipal park on a river. The whole family is there. This is a short dream.I am across the street from a scene that is breaking out. It is sunny. My brother is speaking calmly with three Michigan State cops and all …

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I am in the Cliff of Moher in Ireland, I know this because the previous section of the dream features myself and several other family members having drinks and watching an Irish band play somewhere in rural northern Ireland. So, this next part of the dream begins as such: myself and a young man with …

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Sorry, this is copied from a chat… I was floating (which happens a lot i n my dreams) floating into a long narrow bay.. there were thousands of smokestacks and factories, It was Marquette but it was like Mordor, there was ash and flame coming out of the stacks. I floated along the bay next …

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me: I had a fucked up dream last night I was at the old house on 23rd ave.and Aunt Tina was there.Someone was breaking into the house and I shot four times at him.The dream switched to a basement.Where I was being interrogated by some Latino gang.2:09 PM they said I killed this kid.The cut …

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Dream… check this out… Was in big city, like Chicago, but it was all rusted out and industrial. I kept getting lost in these alleys that were filled with rusty power lines. Alleys FILLED with power lines and broken glass and nobody to be found. I tried to get out of this zone but every …

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Letter to Peter Markus (Dream)

Pete, Had a dream that you were running a workshop in Parisand I had some Greek guy with a black suit write a checkfor me to pay you with. It was 2400.00 -t —————————————————————————- $2400 is what Gordon Lish used to charge for a ten-week workshop. Cool dream. Pete


Had a dream last night that you (Carlos) and I were part of a half-militia/half-marine unitwith the order to re-take a 4 or 5 story building in the middle east somewhere. It was crazy, BJ was there, he kept fiddling with gas-mask that someone gave him.


The dream starts with images of a reddish-orange gel substance leaking on the streets. It is something that people are running from and scared of. It is night time. I am in a hotel on the 6th or 7th floor, minding my own business. Outside, people are being pushed around and yelled at by cops. …

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I was a character in the movie “Conpsiracy” with Kenneth Branagh. Rent the movie from netflix, watch it, and tell me what you think. The movie was about Adolf Eichman; the guy who held the meeting determining whether or not the Jews would be exterminated. It’s a compelling movie. These 8-12 German scientists, doctors, SS …

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