I am at a family reunion, somewhere in the South, it is at some muncipal park on a river. The whole family is there. This is a short dream.
I am across the street from a scene that is breaking out. It is sunny. My brother is speaking calmly with three Michigan State cops and all of
a sudden one of them pulls out his telescoping baton and whacks him on the arms with it. My brother goes down on one knee and they handcuff
him. He had done nothing. This looks like a scene right out of youtube. I am with my friends Ray, Luke, and several members of my family as I cross
the street with my video camera. The cops see us and stop hitting my brother for a minute and sit him down on the curb. He has a huge laceration
diagonally across his scalp. I am videotaping as these three cops are trying to come up with charges. Luke is sitting down and essentially repeated
what I am saying “This is tyranny, you guys are not here to protect and serve!” Then, a cop starts pacing back and forth, bumping into me, and stepping
on my feet and I say, “Why are you doing that officer?!” ANd he starts to push me, He says “Get that camera out of my face.” I wake myself up saying,
“YOu are a public officer, this is my right!”

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