I am in the Cliff of Moher in Ireland, I know this because the previous section of the dream features myself and several other family members having drinks and watching an Irish band play somewhere in rural northern Ireland. So, this next part of the dream begins as such: myself and a young man with reddish-blonde hair are walking up and around some cliffs, right on the shore. He has a side-by-side 20g shotgun, and I have my pump action 20g. We are looking for deer, and partridge and other small game that’s in the area. While we’re not seeing any signs of deer or game, we stop for a minute to rest on the side of a vast cliff. My fear of heights kicks in and I back off from the cliff, but as I am backing off, I see what looks like a giant worm in the ocean. Yes, a giant loch ness type creature, but I am only seeing one part of it, like a great upside down “U” protruding from the water. The young man comes and sits next to me with his gun, seemingly not startled by this creature in the water. We are sitting there, I look around, and he says, “It’s getting closer”, and it was. It came all the way to the base of the cliff we were sitting on. Suddenly both of us became frightenend and moved further inside, away from the cliff. We sat ourselves under a 5 foot rock-bridge that ran from one outcropping to another, fir trees all around us. Then, a tiny, worml-like probe, came slowly from the the cliff. Like the worm’s seeing-tentacle. Then, I was extremely frightened. I looked to the other side of where we were sitting, on the other side of the rock-bridge, and 30 or 40 yards off, sure enough, a large part of this worm is checking for our locations. Our guns are rested on the side of a rock, about ten feet from where we are sitting, so I start to feel helpless. I am thinking about how I can make a dash for the weapons and my small pack that has gear in it. THen, before I can move, a tentacle comes from the deep cliff, this thing is about 2.5 feet in diameter, symmetrical, brown with hints of red, like a giant earthworm. It approaches slowly and my friend is caught helpless in a trance as this thing moves towards him. I scream and it encompasses the entirety of the upper half of his body, and somehow, like a razor inside the worm, it slices off his legs and takes his torso quickly back into the sea. I run for the guns, and run back to my spot, dual-wielding. I am running around nooks of this rock face, look for places to hide. Frantically running, I come to what seems to be some sort of workstation carved out on the side of the cliff. (The place where we were, is a thin sliver of rock, maybe 70 feet across and I find this little station on the side of the rock opposite where the worm attacked.)
There’s a door on the rock. I try to open the door and the rocks crumble away around me. I run down a slope, and I see a fat man with a hard-hat and some surveying equipment, he is working on someting and I yell, “HELP, HELP!” many many times until he hears me. He runs as fast as he can to me, where I’m standing near this door in the rock. He sees the worm’s tentacles crawling around the side of the cliff, searching for us. I ask him if he has a parachute and he says no. He clamps some ropes and caibeaners one to some stuff suddenly, I find myself standing on a small rock that is being suspended from ropes. We are now dangling from the side of the cliff. I ask him if he can lower this thing and he says “yes”, I say, “all the way?” and he says yes, and lowers us to the ground. I feel safe for the first time in 20 minutes. Irish people are sitting on the ground, some crying and some weeping for the guy I was with. I wake up in a sweat.

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