Sorry, this is copied from a chat…

I was floating (which happens a lot i n my dreams) floating into a long narrow bay.. there were thousands of smokestacks and factories, It was Marquette but it was like Mordor, there was ash and flame coming out of the stacks.

I floated along the bay next to these smokestacks, knowing that I was creating it all.
3:24 PM Then, the dreamed changed and I was in an old factory that someone had turned into a huge mansion/living compound.
3:25 PM There were several people living here, a 55 year old man with brown hair was the owner of this place, his daughter was my lover here, she was 5-8 brown hair and extremely strange, and there was also another blonde girl who seemed to be the guy’s lover.
Twice, when no one was around, I snuck into the main chamber of this place, and there was a huge apparatus at the end of the room.

me: It was a chrome device that was somehow made to fit a human body, but there was also a safe-life device in a circular trap.
I snuck in once and unscrewed the caps on this safe device, and there was a nother cap.
So I unscrewed that, and when I did that, this great suction came, then it blew, then it sucked
3:27 PM This just freaked me out, so I tried to put it back together and leave.
So, the dream went on.
And one day, I snuck back in there, and I looked at this device again.
3:28 PM I noticed that there was a place to rest your head, on it. So I took the chance and rested my head on this chrome thing that reminded me of something you’d see in a dentists office, or the eye doctor.
3:29 PM So When I rested me face in this thing, the whole device closed in around me. And it moved me up about three feet and put me in an upright position.
When I was in the upright position, I was right infront of a large pane of glass.
3:30 PM The device was using the light reflecting in my eyes to access my soul, or something, everything I imagined is being projected on this window pane.

me: So.
I got myself off this thing before it took me too far.
And I went out into the kitchen/living room area.
And sat there.
3:31 PM The guy came out wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt and poured me a cup of coffee and left.
His daughter came in the room and said, “You found it finally”
And I said “What?”
And she explained that I was brought there to use the machine.
But that they couldn’t tell me about it and I just had to find out about it on my own.
3:32 PM But now that I had, I could stay there and use it.
For some reason, it felt like I had to fix something with the machine.
Like I had to help create a better living situation for certain people in the world, by thinking through this machine.

me: Then, the dream ends with me walking through a long dirty hallway, and going to this girl‘s room, it was full of trash and filled up ash-trays and coffee cups, we laid on her bed and talked and smoked cigarettes.
I was in love with her and I woke up sad.

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