I was a character in the movie “Conpsiracy” with Kenneth Branagh. Rent the movie from netflix, watch it, and tell me what you think. The movie was about Adolf Eichman; the guy who held the meeting determining whether or not the Jews would be exterminated. It’s a compelling movie. These 8-12 German scientists, doctors, SS officers, etc. gather for a weekend at a Chateau somewhere in France, and decide the fates of 6 million Jews. All of the notes from the meetings and the official minutes had been destroyed, except for one copy, which was what they used to make the movie. It’s a great film, and it was insane because I was one of those germans. I can’t remember being in the meeting, I only remember arriving there, having a dinner in a small ballroom with guests, dressing nicely, mingling with other rich important germans, and getting drunk on apple vodka before I fell asleep — knowing I’d have to wake up early for the full-day meeting.

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