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Was in big city, like Chicago, but it was all rusted out and industrial. I kept getting lost in these alleys that were filled with rusty power lines. Alleys FILLED with power lines and broken glass and nobody to be found. I tried to get out of this zone but every direction I took it led me to another one of these power line alleys. So, I turned a corner, and saw another bum looking to get out of this part of town and two cops came up and started harrassing us.
The two militarized cops were getting ready to taser us and beat the hell out of us (me and the bum) and this woman in her early 40’s came out of nowhere and flashed this blue-light in the cops’ faces, the cops were stunned by the light and couldn’t move, and she grabbed me and the bum by the hand and led us right past them into an open road.

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TomAn empty open road, we ran as fast as we could and came to the banks of a big river. We walked to a large bridge that wasn’t being guarded and crossed the bridge. About ten minutes of walking on the other side of the river brought us to this ladies little shack. It was like a double-wide trailer except it was raised up and made out of concrete. She had a sink with two basins, some cabinet space, small kitchcen, and a small bedroom all connected. I sat on her bed and look out a small rectangular window; there was a 4 yr old boy looking out a window right at me and I smiled. I felt comfortable in this ladies shelter. We were watching TV. The bum was still with us but he seemed distressed. Dream ends.

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