I had a lot of epic dreaming last night. Things I can hardly remember right now, but there is a part of the story that sticks out. Myself, my mother, my stepdad, my brother, his girlfriend, my Uncle Carlos, by cousin Brandon and wife, and their two small children are having a nice get away at a cabin somewhere in Northern Michigan. It is out in the woods, a stream in the backyard. A nice extended family getaway. I can’t remember the last time my family did something like that.

Anyway, I am on the back porch with my cousin’s daughter Ada, and we’re on one of those porch swings, just hangin’ out, when we hear a screaching sound coming from above us. We look up, and there is a small green and white helicopter (a two seater) getting ready to crash. The chopper somehow maintains control, but eventually crashes in the backyard. The pilot is not too badly injured, some trees broke the fall of the small chopper, but I had to pick up my little cousin, and run to the other side of the house with her because of the debris. My brother, immediately after the chopper goes down, is at the site, the pilot is unconscious, and there are papers strewn all over the place.

The dream skips ahead myself and the rest of my family inside a kitchen, trying to make sense of two papers that were found at the crash site. One of them is a list of what seem to be military codes, the only ones I can remember were, “UK SORRY” and “ALI BABA.” There were many of these phrases, and they seemed to be codes of some sort. The other piece of paper had pictures of all the family members on it, most prominently, my uncle Carlos, who’s picture was on the paper along with a description of several civic clubs he is a part of.

The pilot comes to, and we help him to the nearest town. We come back to the cabin, my brother and I, and try to figure what the hell is going on. There is a sense of mystery, but there is also a sense of danger, a threat of some sort. We spend the next several days trying to figure what this guy is doing, and we come to the conclusion that he works for the government and he was sent to crash this chopper as a distraction from something else.

The dream goes on, but all I can remember are small parts of it. The end of the dream being a serious of conversations with a local sherriff, who is telling us that the FBI and FEMA have been trying to set people up in the area, for a long time. There is a dusty police chase where I am driving what seems to be an old jeep through a dry rocky area, trying to get away from some Federal troops. I can’t really remember what happens here, except for at the end of the dream, there is a shootout in the police station between my side (my brother and the local cops) and some Federal troops dressed in black. I remember it ending happily, though.

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