Playa Revisited 5.16.09

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking around Playa Del Carmen with Andy. We hung out on a huge raft for a while until he left, and snorkeled. Then, the dream found us hanging out at a beach bar. Andy was hitting on some girl. I again, was unsuccessful at this endeavor.

The next part of the dream, I was walking around the streets of downtown Playa, but it was a giant enclosed mall, and I recognized nothing there. Nothing at all. I saw Jesse there, and said “Big Shappy” but he either didn’t recognize me or didn’t know who I was, so I kept walking.

The only thing there that I recognized was my friend Luis, at Ula Gula, my favorite bar in Playa Del Carmen.

Also, in the mall-like structure, there were three people at pianos, trying to be jazzy. I went up and played Body and Soul on one of the pianos, really fast, and everybody stopped to look at me.

The dream made me sad. I want to be in Playa. I want to just live in Playa. I need a woman.

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