My recent affinity for Star Trek led to this dream, which woke me in startling fashion.

I am on the Starship Enterprise (get your laughs in now cause the dream isn’t too funny.)
And I am in a lounge deck with Captain Picard, Riker, Troi, LaForge and a couple unknowns. We are relaxing, Picard is reading a book, the others are drinking Synthenol or something, and I am resting on a lazy boy type chair. There is a huge celebration going on in the wing adjacent to the lounge we are sitting at, and it is full of seemingly drunk ensigns, and other non-commissioned officers, they are getting quite noisy and it is starting to piss Troi off. Riker and everyone else finds it quite funny that she is so upset that the celebration is so noisy, the rest of seem not to mind at all.

Worf starts talking about Earth-Ale. (Incongruent with the actual ST:TNG, because I don’t think Worf liked Earth-beer.) He passes around a picture of an old shack, each one of us looks at the picture as he explains with great detail that this is the shack that he taught himself to brew ales. It is very important to him, and he begins to get emotional over it. It is quite humorous.

The Captain closes his book, stands up and wishes us all a good night, and as soon as the Captain leaves the room. Worf, opens the door to another chamber and says, “Now…” We follow him to the entrance of the room and he stops us at the doorway and says “I have something to show you all.”

He enters the center of the room, lights a large candle that sits on the floor, and at this point Riker, LaForge, myself and Troi can see what he has been hiding from the Captain, and us for that matter. It is a keg of beer which he has brewed, and saved to share with us on this occassion. Before offereing it, though, Worf has a ceremonial little dance that he does for us around the candle. It is an awkward dance, worthy of a Klingon, I guess. During this little dance, Worf displays holographic images of Earth mountains. Huge white peaks, and sweeping views of vast mountain ranges, these images go on for a while during Worf’s dance, and the beauty of these landscapes gets the best of me. I feel an overwhelming longing when I see these beautiful mountain views which Worf is displaying in the room. They are so real and so rich, I sense that I have been on the ship so long, that this images seem so familiar to me. The nostalgia is too much and I fall to my knees while Worf is doing his little dance. LaForge starts to chuckle at Worf but I turn around and smack him. I am, at this point in tears, pointing at the holographic images of my home planet, and Riker says, “Ehh…these planets are a dime a dozen, just stars with bulges that a left alone in the galaxy.”

With a face full of tears, I stand up and look at Riker and say, “But that is my star.” Worf pours us cups of his Ale.

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