Join Hands in War

Let’s go to war based on circumstantial evidence, because last time (Iraq) it worked out great. Look how well things are going in Iraq. Shia and Sunni are one big happy family now, thanks to Uncle Sam. Now let’s bring that brand of Freedom to Syria.

9% of Americans support intervention in Syria, yet the US government is sending our money and soldiers anyway. It’s not a matter of Republican and Democrat, or which side of the aisle Obama came from. One need only look at the attached image to get a sense of silly the whole thing has become, or has always been. The real title beneath this image should be “Obama Enlists War-Hawks on Syria”, not the overused, exaggerative expression “allies.” These men are united only by their need to fill the coffers of whoever will get the contracts to wage war in Syria.

A friend of mine aptly pointed out after viewing this picture that these politically opposed clowns are happy to join efforts when it comes to waging war, but in the cases of education, healthcare, civil rights and poverty, there can never be a compromise.

If it’s not a government by the people and for the people, then what is it? If the United States takes unilateral action against the Assad regime, it will be another illegal war. A crime, and in any crime, when determining who’s to blame, the first thing we must determine is who stands to gain.

Those who stand to gain from an offensive in Syria are the rebels (Al Qaeda), and the numerous politicians and government figures who have vested interests in the defense corporations and weapons firms who will receive lucrative contracts.

The voices of American constituents don’t matter. Those who stand to gain have made up their minds. That includes John McCain, who instead of listening to the testimony at the Syria hearings, plays poker on his iPhone.

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