Tyranny, Patriots, Plots, Lobby, Corporatocracy

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The result of the last thirty-forty years of policy, Democrat and Republican, has been the unintentional birth and breeding of a new class of American Patriots, not deemed to stir up trouble, but to butt up against the lack of integrity in government.

Senators and Congressmen are directed by flowing policy, which is directed by money or corporation. All lines trace back to money. After connecting the dots, the picture becomes clear; it’s not about policy, it’s about which policies have money behind them.

Whether you’re red or blue, donkey-elephant, it doesn’t matter. There’s a reason nothing has changed and that problems eliminated are replaced by other problems. Politicians are smart, but they are people. Politics is largely based on threats and incentives, when the pureness-phase passes.

The pureness-phase in America ¬†is over. It’s a Corporatocracy. Mainstream media uses the word “patriot” mostly to define possible terrorists and whackos. Doublespeak in fruition. When corporations and financial entities get their way, we get what we have now, which is better defined as¬†Corporatocracy, not capitalism. Capitalism suggests a free market, which is something completely foreign the Untied States, when big money is concerned. Policy is directed by a powerful lobby class, and lo, pharmaceutical, medical, big food, energy and other entities end up with room to shake and bake, while the rest of the country deals with their massive gains, and possible harms to the community, region, planet.

Things aren’t like they were.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

— Thomas Jefferson



2 thoughts on “Tyranny, Patriots, Plots, Lobby, Corporatocracy”

  1. Moe Badderman

    # “Capitalism suggests a free market”
    Capitalism suggests no such thing. Capitalism is ownership of capital, which suggests a captive market, which is what the corporations enjoy now.

    1. Capitalism in the US does indeed suggest a free market, since a majority of Americans believe that’s what we have, and all they can attribute it to is the term “capitalism.”

      I’m not interested in semantics, at this point.

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