Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – Part One


I found this picture on the internet. First, it made me laugh. Second, it made me nostalgic. I thought it made more sense than before – that their hair makes more sense switched.

And then I thought, why can’t the loser become Second Place President? Why not have both of these clowns in the same office. What difference would it make? Two farts in church aren’t any worse than one. In fact, the second fart might just help to cover up the smell of the first one.

The bottom line is: nothing gets fixed when someone farts in church. And that’s exactly what we’re going to get when one of these corporate whores gets elected – a smelly problem instead of a pleasant solution.

I can’t be accused of not caring; I supported my candidate until the bitter end. He didn’t make the cut, according to mainstream media, big banks, and corporations. He did, however, receive the most money from members of the armed services. I’m talking about Ron Paul.

No, I don’t agree with all of Paul’s policies, but he was the only remotely sane person running for President. My criteria for ‘sane’ is the fact that he was the only non-war candidate. I figured that was a good place for a candidate to start. You know, ending the wars.

I am too young to be tired. Anymore, I’m too tired to entertain the circus. It drives the nation to drink. Little children are crying because of it. Rotten fruit is rolling in the streets and the people are too disengaged to pick it up.


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