Last Month’s News

Snooki is Pregnant. Rick Santorum is being taken seriously. Basketball game. Highway, two red lights. Legs tired. Have it your way. I’m lovin’ it. Guns don’t kill people, TJ Lane does. Nicki Minaj’s booty. Puffy shoes and fluorescent laces. The end of the world. There is not enough room in Iran for Iran. Shots ring out while you’re at home, in bed. Dow is up. The Big Three are up. Davy Jones is dead. Cheer up. Father murders wife and baby before trip to Las Vegas. Turns out, Ted Turner doesn’t watch TV. $4 Gas, but $1 McBurger. Greece Fire.

It is believed by those who do not read that the world will end in 2012. I don’t know what to believe. The Mayans had several calendars. None of them mentioned the world would blow up. By all accounts, we’re in the middle of Aquarius and Pisces, age-wise.

The Irish flute continues over it. A basketball player dunks on it. We spend the money on it. Be happy we are not setting fire to the governmental buildings. Be happy it’s just a joke, still, here. Be ashamed and be incapable of being ashamed. The ethnicity became economics. We became the statue of liberty draped in gold tinsel, a designer pair of shoes and an ass-showing dress.

There was conventional wisdom. There was a pasture where the cows grazed under the blue sun and the green grass beneath them. It was all there. The whole thing.

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