Week in Review, Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

News from Green Acres: The house on Renfrew was busted and the guys are in the slammer. There are several dogs chained-up in backyards. The street is quiet and the streetlights are not on.

Pat Caputo has a degree in journalism from a major university. He has won awards as a journalist. Pat Caputo is also a bad journalist, proven again today. Here’s the Article: Hard Evidence Suggests Michigan Has Caught Michigan State in Basketball

Who’s in third?
Who’s in third?
Yeah, who’s in third place?
Who’s on third base?
No, who’s in third place!
Who’s in third place?
I asked you that.
Asked me what?
Who’s in third!
Who’s in third place?
Oh. Ehem … Ron Paul.

Super Tuesday was a blast. I had a chicken-strip wrap with ranch dressing. I also had an RC Cola, with a cup of ice.

Klitschko, the real-life Ivan Drago, won again. It was boring. He pushed and punched. He knocked his opponent out. It was a big German deal with laser-lights at a big stadium in Dusseldorf. Boxing needs a Mike Tyson. I’d rather watch a 45 year-old Kid Dynamite  knock senior citizens out than watch Klitschko prove he is a “nice guy.”

Lucky legislation passed just in time for the Ides of March: it is now ok for United States officials to kill other Americans on foreign soil. Oh, and get ready for the drones.

Peyton Manning releases the Indianapolis Colts.


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