Confusion is Acceptable

In the event aliens land and tell us all the secrets of the flower of life, many of us will be ready whether we know it, or not. Look at the people occupying places. They have realized the voice inside their head is a larger voice and have taken action to procure it. Look at all this love and compassion and awareness  threatening the fabric of mainstream media. Look at the way everything if fighting against itself, now. Take notice of the moments you are left speechless in contemplation of it all. All of it.

It is such a world we live in that people will tell me what I see is not real. If I tell you I have seen an orange orb moving over Flint, it is what I tell you and either I am a liar or I am a seer of things orange and spherical. That’s all, nothing more than an orange sphere, pulsating over Interstate-75 in Mid-Michigan. I don’t know what it was. It may as well have been a government craft, a weather balloon, a flare, or my imagination. If it was my imagination – I have one hell of an imagination.

It was raining on Turkey Day night, and my girlfriend and I were driving north on the highway, toward Saginaw. Above us, side by side, two orange orbs pulsated and moved over us (vertically) in a formation that tapered out from approximately 100 yards to 500 yards. The two orbs spread away from each other as they moved over us. I wanted to pull over and get out but the holiday traffic, and the rain, dissuaded me from doing that.

I want to know what these things are as much as anyone else but my language is limited to speech. I don’t have the capability of scientific thought, except for what my body tells me. The most scientific I will ever be has nothing to do with my intellect and everything to do with how my body does what it does, keeping me alive and telling me the secrets of what some would call the ‘Universe’ and some would call ‘God.’ My experiences in life have prohibited me from distinguishing the two from one another. I am lost in ‘God’ or I am lost in the ‘Universe.” However awareness is coined, I am lost in it, and it is lost in me.

You’re a fool if you’ve never wanted to touch the sun.

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