What is and What is not

Tax the rich – forget about the fact that all of their money combined wouldn’t fix our problems.

Ship the immigrants out; deny the hardworking ones amnesty and throw away much needed taxpayer money, and much needed home owners. Here’s an idea: find illegals with enough money to buy a house and let them buy one in Detroit. There are plenty of nice neighborhoods that could use a hardworking taxpayer to live in a vacant home.

Wage war with my money – no thanks.

Spend millions of dollars on grand juries for athletes who take steroids – Let them take steroids and use the money to fix the streetlights in my neighborhood, or any other worthwhile thing.

Help liberate Libya – Question: would Libya intervene if we had a civil war? (the same concept goes for any other meddling the US take part in)

Spend millions groping passengers at airports. Result: 84 year-old woman stripped searched, man gets on plane with gun, Americans are subjected to toxic levels of radiation.

Choose a presidential candidate – waste valuable time deciding which piece of shit stinks the least while the country is destroyed by Goldman Sachs.

Any ideas?


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