My mother, brother and stepdad are staying at my apartment while I stay at a large hotel with my the girl I am going to marry and her family. A bunch of her friends are also there. Here’s the catch. I barely know this girl. I don’t even know her name. She is a Latina, has long light brown hair and is moderately pretty. She is attractive. For some reason in the dream I kept trying to find out her sign. It felt like she was a Virgo.

There were so many people in this hotel, and there was free food and drinks. There was a garage where there was parked a luxury bus with a bar and hot tub in it. This is a strange dream, the city we’re in is larger than Marquette, but it feels like Marquette. I am with all these people I don’t know to get married to a girl I don’t know. Once and a while, the girl in eye actually talk for a second, and it is very nice, but still, I don’t know her. There are some dudes I don’t know that are there with me too, kinda weird, like they’re my groomsmen but I don’t know them. Everything is foreign to me.

One part of the dream I remember is waking up in my apartment, and coming to sit down at my computer and my mom coming up to me and saying, “are you ready to this mi’hijo?” And I totally lied and said “Yeah.”

This dream is so bizarre. I don’t know what to think about it.

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