I am in a long, narrow diner. It is something owned by a fat Italian guy. The kind of place the couples in their 60’s come for Friday fish fry, or Monday Spaghetti. It is a narrow, long room. This place is empty, and ironically, it doubles as a rifle gun/buy/sell pawn shop.

It might be the day off, or it might just be closed for some other reason. Point is, me and a black guy in his 40’s are in this place trying to convince the owner to get us some weapons for a mission. My brother is across town with a residential property staked out with some crooks inside. For some reason, we are part of this squad that has to get rid of these crooks. It feels like we are downstate Michigan, or even Saginaw. Most of the dream is spent toying around with different guns. I am eyeing a beautiful Spencer repeating rifle, and right next to it an 1894 model Winchester lever action rifle.

I convince the owner to give me the Winchester for a part of my payment. Towards the end of the dream, we are getting ready to move to the position where my brother is holed up. That’s all.

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