Had a dream last night that you (Carlos) and I were part of a half-militia/half-marine unitwith the order to re-take a 4 or 5 story building in the middle east somewhere. It was crazy, BJ was there, he kept fiddling with gas-mask that someone gave him.


The dream starts with images of a reddish-orange gel substance leaking on the streets. It is something that people are running from and scared of. It is night time. I am in a hotel on the 6th or 7th floor, minding my own business. Outside, people are being pushed around and yelled at by cops. …

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I was a character in the movie “Conpsiracy” with Kenneth Branagh. Rent the movie from netflix, watch it, and tell me what you think. The movie was about Adolf Eichman; the guy who held the meeting determining whether or not the Jews would be exterminated. It’s a compelling movie. These 8-12 German scientists, doctors, SS …

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