A smattering of creative work...

Music, poetry, photography
Read and listen to a poem published in issue 59 of The Cortland Review.
I like to take photos. Sometimes I like to mix words with the photos.
I’ve worked for public and student-run radio stations. I listen to the radio too much. Here’s a piece I did last year that was published in QUA Magazine.
Composition from 2015 album Rent.
I made an album recently. Here it is.
Living in Detroit, one finds oneself tempted to take pictures of ruined buildings, but I prefer to take pictures of life.

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Back to the Fold

I have two plates, one for life and one for hobbies. I’m pretty good at keeping my life plate clear of clutter but my hobby plate is almost always too full. Hobby plate: music (various bands and sol…
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Your Portrait

Let someone else take it. Don’t let it be a selfie. Where you stand, your affect, the yellow piece of sun on your hair, your lip, green grass behind you. In war, there is the term, spray and pr…
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