A smattering of creative work…
Music, poetry, photography


Read and listen to a poem published in issue 59 of The Cortland Review.


I like to take photos. Sometimes I like to mix words with the photos.


I’ve worked for public and student-run radio stations. I listen to the radio too much. Here’s a piece I did last year that was published in QUA Magazine.

Composition from 2015 album Rent.


I made an album recently. Here it is.


Living in Detroit, one finds oneself tempted to take pictures of ruined buildings, but I prefer to take pictures of life.

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Check back a lot. I add things.

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Narcissist Factory

Everywhere I look, I see people who are damaged by their parents. I see people who lack self-worth – people who crave validation to make up for being torn down by the people who were supposed to… March 8, 2023 Uncategorized Read More

Ray Torres in Saginaw on 06/24/21

June 2, 2022 Live Read More

Laverty-Torres Group in Saginaw on 11/24/21

October 18, 2021 Live Read More

Tomas Laverty Group in Hamtramck on 08/06/21

July 16, 2021 Live Read More

Chris Michels Band in Wolverine on 06/18/21

June 15, 2021 Live Read More

Ray Torres in Saginaw on 07/17/21

June 1, 2021 Live Read More

Saginaw Avocado Toast

Yeah. I know y’all hate avocado toast. Was there a movie called Avocado Toast featuring Paul Giamatti, because the bandwagon hate on this mostly innocuous plate is stupid. It’s toast. It&#… February 9, 2021 Uncategorized Read More

Quick Pickled Jalapenos OR ANY PEPPERS

Hi y’all. This is a quick pickle recipe for any hot pepper. Not just any hot pepper. ANY HOT PEPPER. Gredients: 1-2 lbs of jalapenos, serranos, red jalapenos, cayennes, hungarians, etc. Hot pepp… September 15, 2020 Uncategorized Read More

Once-Smoked Chicken Salad

Spatchcock a 4-5 lb chicken and season with salt, pepper, non-smoked paprika, garlic, etc. Your bird, your rub, but don’t go crazy. Don’t lose your fucking mind, there’s more salt to come. Smoke… August 11, 2020 Recipes,Uncategorized Read More



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