Green Acres

85749611_06699ccbfe_b Sometimes a huge flock of starlings settle in the backyard and knock acorns all over the ceiling. They make a small thudding sound and roll down onto the driveway. Then, other animals come and eat them, including the starlings. I went to the new Meijer on Woodward and 8 Mile. There was an old black woman with grey hair leaning on a walker in front of the grapes. I walked past her and said nice day and she ate a grape. Then, I turned around and ate a grape too. This morning I woke up and it was still summer. Tomorrow I will wake up in ice, likely. The neighbors are nice and take their trash out on the right day. One of them has a dog that yips in the morning but someone may have said something because it no longer barks at sunset. When the weather gets cold the fruitflies will die and baseball will seem important but I will keep playing it through the radio, in the window for the neighbor to hear. It’s funny to think that for all the summer, all of those acorns were up in the trees. Now they are all over the yard. Funny to think there were nuts up there all this time.

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