Ruling Elite, Self-Entitlement, Wealth Inequality

Wealth inequality is such a funny thing that I would beg for the souls of the politicians who vote to take my rights away. I beg for their souls. I plead to whatever God they worship, that he or she will forgive them for their betrayal to humanity.

It’s easy to give up on everyone else, when your life is going great.

Wealth Inequality.

The pharmaceutical companies who knowingly seed the public with toxins don’t deserve forgiveness. They are intelligent people with money in mind; negligence does not affect their psyches.

I don’t have to add links here. If any of this is resonating with you, you have done the research for yourself. I’m tired of doing other peoples’ research.

I am sitting here quietly, waiting for the next politician to take my next right away. Also, I’m waiting for a corrupt city council to stifle the next positive step for my city.

I am watching you. We are watching you. Just because we don’t say anything doesn’t mean we aren’t angry.

Self-entitled elites, beware of the future you create for yourselves. The world has a way of righting itself.

What I say seems damaging only if you are too comf0rtable. Most of the people living in this country are not comfortable, contrary to the promulgation of mainstream media.

Wealth inequality 

is what it is.

Change. Or we will change it for you.

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