America the Uncomfortable

My government has a problem with control. I am controlled. I feel controlled. I don’t like the way my government treats me and I don’t feel right about paying the taxes anymore because I’m not getting anything back for them. I am being taxed, and I am not being represented.

I care about gun rights because I am afraid that the federal government will try to take my life away because I owe too many taxes, or because I simply disagree. My government has done it over and over, and over. My government and many other governments have a history of disarming its people and then shooting and/or relocating them.

If I turn my TV off, sit down with a glass of good water, and think for a few minutes, I start to feel like everything is trying to control me. My first urge is to fight against it. I stopped drinking tap water a long time ago because it contains sodium fluoride, which makes you docile and tired. The Nazis used it in the concentration camps, and the Russians used it in gulags.

Our government has been lying to us since the very beginning.

The people who want to help you seem crazy and evil, because the people who want to control you figured out a long time ago that all they needed to control you was to make you feel comfortable.

I am tired of being made to feel comfortable. I am tired of American Football. I am tired of the music I am supposed to like. I’m tired of the stupid clothing and hairstyles. Anyone who focuses really hard can see that none of it makes sense.

The music on the radio is supposed to make you feel like shit. You’re not a firework. You’re not the one who gets the party started. You are you. You are only you, but America wants you to be everything else. America wants you to be everything you’re not.

Mostly, I’m pissed because I can’t get on a plane without having my junk touched up, can’t get a straight answer about what I’m being taxed for, and now they want to limit by ability to protect myself from thugs in my community who never have, and will never obey the law. I’ve read about these patterns before, in history lessons about Nazi Germany, and the long history of how the White Man won the West.

Forget about gun control, though. There’s another problem. You, or the you that you think you’re supposed to be – the you that America asks you to be.

America wants you to do it on your own. You’re an individual. You’re special. But you’re not. We’re special. We are us. There is no I take care of myself in humanity. That’s not how homo sapiens work.

Lewis and Clark rode out on wagons made by somebody else, with food farmed and cured by somebody else, with clothing and bullets made by somebody else. Their story was told by everybody else.

America wants you to be Lewis and Clark but forgets to tell you that Lewis and Clark were not alone.

America knows nothing about who it is. That is what it means to be an American.

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