Google Trends: Taxing California’s Rich, Rolling Up in Colorado, Nate Silver’s Stats

These are the hottest trends in the United States, according to Google Trends. This is what people want to know about. It’s what they care about. Now that Obama is reelected, people are searching for things they actually care about.

Proposal 30:

They raised their taxes in California. Whoopee. Someone should raise the taxes in Detroit, or make everyone buy lotto tickets instead of all the poor, hopeful folks. Here’s more of the language from,

  • Raises California’s sales tax to 7.5% from 7.25%, a 3.45% percentage increase over current law. (Under the Brown Tax Hike, the sales tax would have increased to 7.75%)
  • Imposes an 11.3% tax rate on taxable income over $300,000 but less than $500,000–a percentage increase of 21.5% over current policy of 9.3%.
  • Imposes a 12.3% tax rate on taxable income over $500,000 up to $1,000,000–a percentage increase of 32.26% over current policy of 9.3%.
  • Estimated revenue from Proposition 30 vary from Jerry Brown’s $9 billion estimate to the $6.8 billion estimated by the non-partisan Legislative Analysts Office (LAO). The difference stem for the volatility caused by capital gains income from high-income earners, an issue in California’s tax system previously identified by the Legislative Analysts Office (LAO).
I’m sure that by this point, you could care less, but this actually sounds correct to me. I mean, it sounds like a piece of legislation that makes sense but then again, some partisan asshole will explain to me that the bill also calls for the strangling of kittens, or that the bill was devised to take money from the rich and funnel it into a bridge to nowhere, or something. And then, I will be confused, and consider researching it further, research it further and find out that I really don’t care.
Anyway, I hope it works out for the rich folks.

Amendment 64:

Weed is legal in Colorado, now. Potheads in the Midwest will be happy to know there aren’t any mountains on the way there.

Amendment 64 also allows for state regulation of retail sales of the weed. So, there will likely be Weedmarts, Weed-Less (a la PayLess, where you can get “Schwag” and “Downtown Browns” like you can get a pair of sweatshop shoes). Who knows, we might even see a charlatan approach at organics; let’s call it, Stoner Joes.

TV commercials, radio spots, guys outside wearing signs with doobies on them; it’s either your dream come true or your worst nightmare.

Let me make this clear: you will be able to walk around smoking a joint. I’m not sure about the bongs, though. Seemingly blunts will also be allowed.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colorado is one of the first states to legalize it. Last time I was there (2010), I was offered a bong rip from a 65 year-old Mexican housekeeper.

For the record, Washington also legalized.

Nate Silver:

Silver came up with a proprietary statistical model  to predict who would win last night’s Presidential election. It was accurate, and now he is famous.

So, he came up with a complicated model to predict what millions of Americans already predicted, some while taking a satisfying dump, some while stargazing, some while clipping their fingernails.

This dingus is giving baseball statisticians a good name. He is qualifying their reaching-fouls, their inhumane yet logical approach at the world.

Forbes suggested that he has changed the landscape of election coverage:

“And with this victory, he may have changed the way elections are covered for good. By disregarding the industry wisdom that gut feelings, day-to-day poll movements, and talking head commentary are what matter, he has decimated the value of these superficial judgments.”

Well this is the most dipshitted thing I’ve heard all day. NOTE: I work at a a junior college.

Forbes mentions that Silver has disregarded “talking head commentary”, yet Forbes forgets that the candidates were picked by the talking heads long before Silver implemented his models. The mainstream media was responsible for the selection of the republican candidate, as it was responsible for the selection of Barack Obama in 2008.

Silver told BuzzFeed in an interview that he would likely

“get too much credit if the prediction is right and too much blame if it is wrong.”

Well, he’s getting the credit, and perhaps he will bring more numbers to the political game, but again, I ‘predicted’ Obama would be reelected while taking a dump, last year sometime in July.


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