Cutting it off at Twelve: Album almost done.

The final roster of songs for the album is almost complete. Now comes the hard part: nitpicking each tune to death, making it ready for your ears, and raising the money to print it. That’s what our kickstarter campaign is for. If, by some stroke of magic, we actually reach our goal and print the album, we’ll have a disc with a full insert, posters, and much more exposure. If we don’t reach the goal, the album will be a digital release only.

While this list will likely not tell readers anything, I wanted to share it anyway.

  • Brush Fire
  • Holy Motor Blues
  • City State
  • Motor In It
  • (Washes)
  • I-75
  • (Delphi)
  • (Holy Reprise) (Gone Motors)
  • (Witness)
  • Lake Effect
  • Earth
  • Factory

Many of these titles are works in progress. I understand that we’ve only released two of the songs in their entirety, “Holy Motor Blues” and “City State”, but Jesse and I have been tossing around the idea of releasing another song so potential backers can get a better idea of what they’re about to invest in. Also, it might be nice to generate more general interest in the album, no?

This is where you, the reader, come into play. I need your feedback on this idea. Release another song? Would it be overkill? If you have an opinion, please express it. I want this record to be born not only of myself, but of the listening community.

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