Hot Weather Etiquette

As I sit in my room and type this, the thermometer is bobbing up to 96.6 Fahrenheit. Likely we will reach 102 today in Detroit. Is it global warming? Or is it just hot today? I’m not going to start that debate here. I’ll save it for the bar, where everyone is a climatoligst/political strategist.

One thing I think about when it gets this hot, is baseball. How can they manage to play? I can barely walk to the store for a  bottle of water. How is it possible 250 lb. athletes can sprint 90 feet? Days like this, I can barely lift my fingers to play online poker. I suppose that’s what the athletic trainers are for. I’ll spare you the thought of what their clubhouse must smell like after a game on a day this hot.

Recently, on 97.1 FM The Ticket, there was discussion of hot-weather etiquette when workers are doing something in or around your home. The consensus was that you should offer them water, or some sort of refreshment, but there were other callers who called-in expressing the sentiment that workers should arrive prepared for the weather. They should bring their own water, Gatorade, coconut water, etc. I agree.

Last summer I lived in a bungalow with a poor septic arrangement. Suffice it to say, when someone flushed a toilet, or ran a faucet, the house began stinking from the ground up. There was something clogged in the drain. The repair man showed up on a 99 degree day, and spent three hours snaking fifty pounds of roots out of the piping. He must have lost 15 pounds that afternoon. In this situation he came unprepared. He thought he would spend a half hour unclogging the drain, and be done with it. So, as time went on, I offered him water.

Today, I’m waiting for the Comcast guy to show up, but he’s already 37 minutes late. So, when he gets here, he better have his own liquid refreshment because he’s not getting a damn thing from me.

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