May 15, 2012

Weed-whacker Abuse.

Get a lawn-mower. It’s that simple. That way, you don’t have to meticulously comb the yard with the annoying weed-whacker. On top of that, your neighbors won’t despise you for being an inconsiderate ass.

Lawn-mowers are larger, thus they cover more ground. The weed-whacker is used mainly for getting into hard spots, corners, around trees, against the house, etc.

Something else you should know about the weed-whacker is the fact that depending on how much you’re gassing it, it varies in its level of intensity. It’s like someone has a bumblebee between their index-finger and thumb, and they’re holding the bee next to your ear. Every so often, they lightly squeeze the bee to increase the intensity of the buzz.

It’s hard to tell which aspect is more annoying, the fact that you don’t care how annoying it is, and you’re willing to weed-whack your lawn for hours, or sound of the weed-whacker itself.

Do yourselves and your neighbors a favor and purchase a lawn-mower.


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