Welcome Back, Prince

On my way home from work, I stopped for a six pack. I had some celebrating to do. I asked the cashier if they’d been busy tonight. He said “Not really.” Perhaps not all Tigers fans are as convinced the signing of Prince Fielder was the right move.

Let’s face it: there was no replacement for Victor Martinez, who batted .330 and knocked in 103 runs in 2011. Aside from this, Martinez provided all the support Cabrera needed to avoid breaking the single-season record for intentional walks.

Torn ACL.

Instantly, Tigers fans are bowing their heads and murmuring “Not this again.” After a 2006 World Series berth, Detroit spent the next few years struggling to keep up in their own division.

Replacements aside, Prince Fielder is coming to Detroit and we’re glad to have him. The reason for the lack of pessimism: Prince Fielder – a guy who can hit 30-50 home runs, drive in at least a hundred runs, and sell a lot of jerseys. The Yankees and Red Sox nations are used to big signings. Detroit is not. The prodigal son returns.

Tigers owner Mike Ilitch has never been shy about his desire to win it all. This has been proven today.

For now, it’s a time to forget about the fact this is the fourth biggest contract in baseball history. Let’s talk about Fielder’s dwindling years when they come. Let’s cross that bridge when we arrive at it.

Excuse me, I have a beer with my name on it.

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