Our New Years Resolutions

I want 2011 back.

Matter of fact, I want the last ten years back. Here’s what we’ll do.

We will make our own webspaces and use facebook less. We will stop looking into our cell-phones so much. We will cook dinner and invite people over more often. We’ll ask more from our government, instead of letting them ask more from us. We’ll try to take better care of our parents.

We’ll say were sorry, accept the blowback and not kill millions of innocent people, including our own. We can tell everyone the truth about Vietnam and Kennedy without them having to dig for it. We can just tell them. We can let some illegal people be legal. We can take our bloody boot off the Indians’ throats. We can apologize to the failed bankers (for their luck) and kick them out on the street (we’ll set up a shelter for bad bankers).

f - Rob Knevels

We will accept that there are beginnings to ends and ends to beginnings. We will admit we were wrong about how things should work, and that we shouldn’t have lied to the world about it. We will take a shit outside once in a while. We will question our leaders. We will eat healthy food. We will stop glorifying idiots and assholes. We will care less about which color someone is, or who they have sex with. We will try to say “I love you.” more often. We won’t forget that a lot of dead people loved us, when they were alive. We will spend more time learning and less time sitting around. We will have an opener mind.

We’re not getting the year (or the decade) back. We’ll have to work on these things the next time around.

Good news is: it’s 2012.


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