Royals and Stuntsails

Desire and rampant sportsmanship. Sports have superseded everything of importance. Greasy, comb-over sellouts pose as Bank CEOs and take the money away from the country. Meanwhile, Bobby is getting ready for his football game and it is safe to assume the townsfolk care more about the game than a country is being sunk from the inside by its very own sailors. The mutinous banksters and the status-quo, first-mate senators who are given extra rations by the captain so they will keep their mouthes shut.

You have no idea how shitty people can be. Like Ahab nailing the gold doubloon to the foremast and promising wealth to those who submit to lunacy.

It’s true that many of these banksters had no idea of the riches they’d be presented with, no idea that in order to secure their futures they would be asked to forget the few morals they retained. They would be asked to put their lives in the hands of money, to forget about humanity – to take a deep breath, let out a sigh and accept that they can be happy if they only forget about the suffering and scarcity and imbalance. And they did.

I wanted to be a sailor, and I still do sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s more important than my despair over never saying “Land Ho!” or setting royals and stuntsails under a white moon is that I recognize it is alright for me to dream like this – to run in place. It is okay. In fact, it is important for people to inhabit the imaginary seas on occasion. The waking reality is tiring and only partly satisfies the growth of creative fire. For instance, in order for me to exist with you on the page I must imagine I am a writer.

But, this is lost when the mind reverts to the terms and conditions posed by our misguided leaders. If they could speak openly, they might say “Your dreams can not come true.” because their plans simply do not allow it. Don’t let me put the blame on every bankster. It must be placed on the Goldman-Sachs types who have spread themselves across the globe and planted roots in financial and governmental institutions. You can say it is the banks and the corporations who successfully divided and conquered, who have successfully designed a whole new food chain with their very own food and who have eaten their way to the top.

When you have money, you find a way to make more money. When you have all the money you need, you want power. To get power you need control. In every profession there are those who excel. Little did we know that power was a profession and the key to success was being quiet about it.

Merry Christmas to you sick men. Eat your hearts out. Take notice when there is nothing left to take from us, and your world is burning around you.

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