I am in a large passenger van with my mother, cousins, uncle, brother, and some of the small little cousins in my family. For some reason, my mother is very erratic and seems to be having some sort of mental issue. My brother is mostly mute. He seems dejected. We are on the last leg of our journey home (Saginaw) from somewhere in the south. It is summer. I fall asleep for a while on the bus. My mother is pacing up and down the aisle. One of my cousins says “She says those satellites are back.” and I have no idea what he is talking about. He informs me that for the past couple weeks there have been some UFOs/satellites in the sky, around the world, only visible during the day. Apparently this has something to do with my mother’s strange behavior.

The bus takes a hard right turn and we go flying across a field and over a small sand hill. We appear to have entered some sort of refuge camp. There are people of all color, walking around, lying around, coughing, yelling, scrounging. Some people are in rags. Some people are in suits and looked confused. Some people are busy doing things and some people appear to have just arrived. It is a camp.

The bus gets stuck in the sand. THree or four tall black men with military style clothing and automatic weapons drag me out of the bus. I am sitting in the sand with my hands in the air while one of them points a gun at me and the others rummage through all of our belongings. We are being looted.

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