I am at a cabin, somewhere, maybe in the UP; on a big lake. I am not sure who is there with me, but the backside of the cabin is a long window looking out onto a large lake. Some old man is showing me how to make a dart-bomb out of wax and dynamite. We are drinking pabst or narraganset, or some other cheap beer.

The guy has left, and I am standing by the window, looking at the beach. I see three small bear-like creatures. The look like monkey-bears, or wolverine-monkeys. They are tearing something apart. It’s frightening.

I say something to the guy, and he ignores me and walks to the kitchen to do something. Then, I notice something else out on the beach. It is four or five short creatures with a fuchsia or magenta cloaks. These creatures are like short humanoids, but at this point I can only tell that they are bipedal. I am extremely frightened now.

These little things, aliens, I think, have noticed me looking at them. The little bear creatures have left. Then, two of the cloaked beings come up to the window and look right at me. I yell to the guy, “THey have faces!” and one of the creatures begins talking to the other one. It’s clear now that they are in fact humanoid. Short humanoids with metallic skin and greenish eyes. I notice that they are talking to each other and I yell, “They’re talking to each other.”

They seem to be sizing me up. Then, they appear to be frightened, and they run to the shore and swim away. As they are swimming away, I notice that there were at least 4 more waiting for them in the water; these little, magenta-cloaked humanoids swim over the big cold waves.

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