The New Hitler

Well, I am sitting in a theater with a very beautiful woman. We are enjoying a play or musical performance. She is smiling and laughing and everyone is in love with her. The dream jumps to a dinner table where I am sitting with the woman, and several Nazis, including Hitler. Hitler leaves the room with the woman; apparently he has taken her to be one of his secretaries.

The dream jumps to the basement of a house built in the 60’s somehwere in a suburban neighborhood in America. I am being yelled at by one of the Nazi officers. He is screaming in my face. They are trying to convince me that I am supposed to work for Hitler – that I am supposed to carry out some orders for him. I am beaten with the back of a gun, and whipped with some sort of wide leather whip; to no avail. Finally, they bring Hitler down, and starts yelling at me himself. I really have no choice.

Now I am stuck in this house. On their way out, I tell the Nazi’s that they will have to kill me, before I work for them. So they agree on killing me when they return. So, the first thing I do is call my brother, who is out of town, and tell him that I will need several bodies and some firepower, and that we’ll probably all be going down in a blaze of glory. It takes him a couple days to get to town. By that time, there are several other men who’ve been captured and taken to this suburban house. The woman is still living in the basement, and she has been crying for several days. Outside there is a small training facility in the backyard where many of the men are forced to practice targets, etc.

The Nazi’s show up, there is a shootout. I can’t remember the rest because my god damn phone kept ringing.

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