Time-Traveling Evil

I am outside trying to pitch some sort of softball thing to a girl. It is the front yard of my youth. There are others there. I am pitching this green softball-practice apparatus to a girl is trying to hit it with a bat. It is gleeful. We know each other. She is pretty and has light brown hair, an Irish complexion, and green eyes. We are running about the yard until I get bit by something on my left hand. It is extremely painful, although only a drop of blood is visible. I am in so much pain that I am on the the grass.

The dream shifts to a laboratory of physicians/doctors who are trying to figure out what has embedded itself in my (the old me’s) skin. It seems that I am now a different character in the dream. I am in this high-tech facility trying to figure out what this growth is that people are suffering from all around town. This “tick” in the skin is being reported all throughout the city. People are lying in hospital beds all across town. Then, seemingly at once. Everyone who has experienced this tick; they begin going through some sort of metamorphoses. There are alien beings grown inside of their skin. Some have huge faces growing out of their skin, some out of their arms, torsos. Some of these giant alien faces are bulging so far out of people’s skins that they are larger than life size.

Soon, everyone in the lab is infected, including myself, but this alien substance. Then, at once, everyone who is affected, has their attention taken by a figure standing at one of the glass doors leading outside. He is wearing a dark robe with a hood, and green shoes and gloves. His face is pale-white, disfigured, almost looks exactly like the person from the Scream, that scary mask. But, it is this person’s face. The glass door opens, He raises his hands to us, like we are his children, and the room becomes quiet. He says “Yu-wah!” in a whisper, and we all respond in unison.

He leads us to a long line of buses where he pile onto the buses with other disfigured humans. We are part of a new culture. People are saying “Yu-wah.” We get on this bus, and He tells us that we are going to a new place where we will be needed to seed the population.

The bus goes along a highway. It is a dark, wet night. The color is like street-lamp orange. It reminds me of Saginaw. We travel along this highway in this bus, all of us disfigured in His design, in some way. The interesting thing is that there is a sense that we all have our wits about us, like we’ve come willingly.

The bus takes a huge jump and begins flying. The bus flies for what seems like a mile, through thin air, across a city lit orange by street-lamps; a city of factories, warehouses, train-tracks, various systems of oil tubes and infrastructure.

The bus crashes, everyone inside is alive. I get out, and now I am yet another character in the story.

It is sunny, I am pinned under part of the bus. A man with dirty clothes, some futuresque weapons and equipment on a belt, is trying to free me from part of the destroyed bus when one of the disfigured attacks us. Suddenly the disfigured take on an element of supreme evil. It is the most frightening thing I have ever seen. It’s face is dark-grey, it is wearing no clothes and seems to have no genitalia. The man uses some sort of quick plasma burst-weapon and the creature dies immediately. He frees me from the wreckage. We walk a quarter mile to what appears to be a station where the fight against these creatures is coordinated. The man is now on a radio, communicating to someone far away, letting him know that there are new offensives in this area.
Dream ends.

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