Laverty ENL 1310-06

Tentative Reading List & Schedule

The True Story – Boundaries of Language


  1. “Mother Tongue” (Tan), “Superman and Me” (Alexie), “Living Like Weasels” (Dillard)
  2. “Pale Blue Dot” (Sagan)
  3. “Shooting an Elephant” (Orwell)
  4. “A Just Cause ≠ A Just War” (Zinn)
  5. “A Plea For Caution From Russia” (Putin), “War and Baked Beans” (Olmstead)
  6. “Pro Archia Poeta” (Cicero)
  7. “Areopagitica” (Milton)
  8. — —
  9. “Saving the Cows, Starving the Children” (Faleiro) Read for Thursday, October 20th
  10. Sample Researched Arguments,
  11. Mass Transit in Detroit: Synthesis
  12. The Speeches: “Mountaintop” (MLK), “Inaugural” (JFK)
  13. Same topic, different voices (3),
  14. “The Veldt” (Bradbury)
  15. — —



Tentative Schedule

Th Sept. 15: Researched Personal Essay Draft Due

T Sept. 20: Researched Personal Essay Final Draft Due

Th Oct. 6: Summary and Commentary Due

T Oct 25th. : Argument Synthesis Draft Due (Workshop)

Th Oct. 27: Argument Synthesis Final Draft Due

T Nov. 8: Film Review and Response Due

Th Dec. 1: Researched Argument Draft Due

T Dec. 6: Researched Argument Final Draft Due


Summary and Commentary suggested magazines:


American Enterprise

American Scholar



Foreign Affairs


Mother Jones



National Review

New Republic

New Scientist

New York Times Magazine

New York Review of Books

New Yorker

Scientific American

Technology Review


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