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The EPĀ Pale Blue Dot is now available for purchase. It was recorded in the summer of 2016 by Derek Stanton at Molten Sound Studios in Detroit. Stanton, of Turn to Crime, Awesome Color also plays guitar on two tracks and provided some direction during the production process. His assortment of vintage analog synths helped me create an atmospheric bedding for the four songs which were written in the months prior to the session.

The EP wasn’t mixed until the summer of 2018 after I met up with Jonathon Weier (Hamtramck). His initial mixes gave me hope that something could arise from the original batch of seven songs. I decided to keep the four songs that did the best job interpreting the messages I was trying to convey at the time: I love baseball, I love Detroit and am happy and sad for it at the same time, and I am perpetually confused, like most Americans, and I’d like to explore ways to become un-confused through compassion and logic.

Long-time collaborator and friend Rob Knevels is featured on guitar on “Leyland Shuffle.” He and I wrote two songs in 2016, the other called “Trumbull Tromp.” The latter did not make it into the studio but can be viewed in this YouTube mashup of Carl Sagan and baseball clips.

Jesse Barabe (bolabit) mastered the EP and did so exquisitely.

The tunes should be available everywhere within a couple of days, and is now available for purchase (digital) on CD BABY.





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