Two New EPs

Turns out, I’ll have two EPs coming out very soon (before the end of summer).

The first is the aforementioned recording with Scott Pellegrom, Kevin Kozel et. al.

The second is a batch of tunes I recorded here in Detroit at Derek Stanton’s former studio Molten Sound.  In 2016, I recorded for a few weekends at Derek’s Southwest basement studio. Don’t let the word “basement” fool you — Stanton is a super collector of vintage analog synths (and he gets them fixed). He’s also known to have a propensity for hoarding amps and guitars. His studio essentially helped to define the sound of the upcoming record. It’s not a standard Tom-plays-synthesizers-and-sings deal, it’s more akin to a traditional rock album recorded in, well, a basement with a guitar, bass, drums and of course Rhodes. Hammond is being tracked this week in my studio.

I simplified the writing for this one. No frills. What I was trying to convey is that I’m not trying to convey anything; this leaves the EP sounding a bit blank at moments but I believe it also leaves room for more interpretation — something I’ve always been bad at. I have a tendency to get too specific. We’ll see what you think.

With the Mob playing this summer, and a few hired-gun gigs, I’m pushing to get these wrapped up sooner than later in order to focus on the next project.



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