Suraj Bhamra’s Photo Book is Really Good

Every city needs banner men and women for the arts…

As 35mm and medium format sees a resurgence, you’ll catch more and more folks (of all sorts) walking around with old Nikons and Canons. You can chalk it all up to “hipster stuff” or you can follow Kodak’s stock, the return of numerous out-of-stock film types and the rising price in old film cameras. Three years ago I bought a Canon AE-1 Program for 25 bucks — the same camera today goes for at least 100.

Detroit’s a great place for photography, and no, I’m not talking about driving around and taking pictures of burnt houses. In 2018, Detroit can be defined by its resurgence — by life, not death.

Leading the way for film photography in Detroit is Suraj Bhamra. Some of you may remember him from Negative & Print, a full-service photo lab he was running, not far from Gus’s on Third Ave. He had to move shop a couple of years back but in the meantime, he’s got some cool things going on —

Cool thing — He’s got a book out compiling some of his work in Hamtramck. From his artist statement:

The bulk of the book, shot in Hamtramck, intends to challenge divisive stereotypes about immigrants, minorities, the working class, and other marginalized communities by forming a visual narrative emphasizing the ideas of inclusiveness and unity.

Check out his store: HERE

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