Be an Artist…

But don’t be an asshole. The art is not about you. You are the vessel.

Doing art makes you feel good. It should — that part of it is okay. It’s okay to feel good when you create something that feels revealing or reflective or cathartic. If it is any of those things, it doesn’t mean the art will be accepted as ‘good’ by your peers or by anybody else, and this is the point. The point is that you were a leaky ink-pen and now your ink has found its natural place on some paper. Let that be. Let it be. Don’t crumple it up. Procure it. Cure it. Learn what it is you like about it, but more importantly, learn what it is you don’t like about it.

Doing art is not a privilege, it is a right. You should remember that you are free to create at any time. It may be exactly what you need. But it is also important to remember that if you paint one painting a year, you are not a painter, you are someone who painted. If you wrote three songs, you are someone who wrote three songs. If you took 500 photos, you are not a photographer. A fern, at the forest’s floor, does not, one day, decide that it is a fern. I am a fern, so I must absorb light and root out. The fern simply goes on being a fern. You must simply go and create. Do not decide that you are an ‘artist.’ Decide to craft art.

There are roles — apprentice, novice, expert, student, etc. You can decide what your role is. You must come to that conclusion by yourself. Your own respect for the craft will dictate this.

You are always a student. You must always be the student. You may teach others but you must remain the student.



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