Tombook, for a while.

I’m taking a break from facebook, maybe until the election is over. Sure, I have a lot to say, but I’m tired of everything else that comes with it. For now, everything I post will land here, and propagate out to the social spaces. I’ll spend some time reading the newspapers, developing film, looking at art, listening to music, discovering, not groveling.

I read somewhere, a while ago that facebook makes us sad. It might be true.

Here’s what I know to be true: facebook sucks me in. It distracts me. It pokes me where I don’t require poking.

I love interacting with friends and family online, and I’ll try, once again, to do it this way. Facebook is not the answer.

Facebook, for all it’s worth, is more bad than good for me. I’d rather leave a few lines here.

Cool thing is, you’ll be able to leave comments here, on facebook.

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