On Bernie Sanders for President

We live in a corporatocracy.

A bit of socialist balance is about due.

For my gun friends — yeah, I have guns and bullets too. Look at his record. Add to that: the only voters who passionately care about the second amendment are gun owners, so, chill — it’s fine, for now. I like hunting, and I like guns, but I don’t think everyone NEEDS a CPL.
For my “small government” friends — Hillary/any Republican is not your friend. Small government begins when the people feel they are no longer oppressed — when they feel like their leader is not backed by Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, lobby. Start there.
For my fiscal jerks: No congress or committee would allow a Sanders plan to take rapid shape. They are long term plans. They would be groundwork. The point of having senate, congress, judges and a president is clear.
For the anti-semites — Jeez. Get over it.
For the cannabis friends — Sanders was outspoken about decriminalizing a long time ago. Many juries are in. It is not something that should be classified with heroin, coke, opiates, even prescription pain-killers and antipsychotics.
For those who sayHe’ll bankrupt the country with his plans.
No, he’ll shake the shit out of it. There are still three branches of government. He won’t bankrupt the country, for f***s sakes. He’ll change the conversation. Bernie has plans. Hillary Clinton has something else — something more akin to a lifelong desire to be in charge of everything. Thomas Jefferson once said that when “a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” 
Democrats and Republicans have had hundreds of years to get it right. Let Bernie try it out. There’s no war involved. No more bombing people. No more catering to the already catered-to.



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