Detroit Analog

Introducing Detroit Analog.

Over the years I have accrued images of Detroit, Southeast Michigan and a few select other locations. My aim is to capture scenes and people without an overly-refined approach to the art of film photography. This may deter some, but I believe that some will find this approach likable, as the images I present are not packaged in an predictable photographic format. My goal is to create images that suggest something to the viewer, but do not hit them over head with a sense of purpose or aesthetic.

My photographs should elicit subtle suggestion, not finely orchestrated experiences with no room for viewer interpretation. My photographs are meant to be walked by, and perhaps not noticed.

Consider them small windows into a place in time.

You don’t have to sit and stare at these prints. Walking by them is fine.

I am now selling photographic prints (35mm, 120) under the stage name Detroit Analog. Please take a second to check out the store.


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