May 22, 2015

Detroit, I’m Giving Away a Website

Ongoing Website Sponsorship

Detroit Web Design

I ( accept submissions from individuals, groups, startups and non-profits who are doing something to move Detroit in the right direction. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around for decades or if you’re just getting started. If you’re doing something for Detroit or its people, and you don’t have the funding for a modern web-presence to help expand your voice, please fill out the form below and tell me why I should choose your project.

Some things we will look for in entries:

  • Project sustainability: I want to make sure your vision is one that’s going to last before I invest in it.
  • Impact: The greater the impact your project has, the better.
  • Focus: Your project should have a clear focus and concise presentation. Well-defined outcomes are key.
  • Community: The project I choose should foster a sense of community, and through achieving its goals, create a better Detroit.

The deadline is Friday June 5th. Rolling deadline.

The chosen entry will receive the following:

  • A modern, responsive website (WordPress CMS, blog page)
  • Free hosting for one year.

Please take your time in filling this out. The clearer you present your vision, the better. Be concise!