Reels – Gaelic League Detroit

Irish are everywhere. Many don’t even know it. Discovering one’s own cultura de sangre can be surprising.  It’s always a good thing. The Gaelic League Detroit is ripe for the burgeoning renaissance of Irish culture.

I recently joined the Gaelic Irish-American League of Detroit. In order to become a Gaelic League member I have to be an IA member for two years, and show a commitment to volunteerism. I’ll do my best.

I went down tonight to watch the Tigers. It was a good game. But, the best part about it was that I could take in this music while watching the ballgame. Alfredo Simon pitched a gem. Rajai Davis scored our only run. Joakim Soria closed it, and the session group played “Cup of Tea” (reel) and “Josephine’s Waltz”.


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