10 Great Blog Topics to Get You Started

To get you started in 2012, here is a list of great blog-topics to get you started on your terrible, uninspiring blogspot or WordPress blog.

1) Write about a trip somewhere. Did you go to Florida for spring break, or did you go to Cedar Point with your cousins? Write about it. Everybody likes hearing a nice story about getting drunk, throwing up, and passing out on the beach with your pants around your ankles, or munching on elephant ears in Sandusky, Ohio.

2) Write a profile piece on your grandmother or grandfather. Some great titles for this: “Grandpa’s Hands”, “Grandma’s Hands”, “Grandpa’s Love”, “Grandma’s Love”

3) Write about your favorite song. Everyone has a favorite song, from The Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” to Lady Gaga’s “Gag Me With Your Zircon-Encrusted Tweezers” there are millions of songs that your readers will love to hear you blab about. Don’t be afraid to type out entire verses so your readers can read them and remember exactly which song you are talking about! For an added touch,  make a youtube video of yourself dancing to the song, or singing along.

4) Write about your most recent heartbreak. For gals: try to write a minimum of 1500 words and include words like “passion”, “desire” and “heartache” as often as possible. For guys: don’t be afraid to include phone-pics of the bitch who left you and do your best to include the name/names of the douche-bags she’s sleeping with. NOTE: It’s always best to write a heartbreak or breakup blog IMMEDIATELY after the breakup.

5) Lists! Lists are great ways to fill space on your blog. Here are some ideas for lists:

  • books you are going to read (this always makes you look smart!)
  • your favorite foods (try to include foods with French names like baguette)
  • things you hate about yourself
  • things you hate about everybody else

6) Pics! Free up all that space on your phone by uploading a gallery of phone pics. The more random the better.

7) How-to: people often go to the web to get instructions for things. Blogging on How-to topics will generate traffic to your site. Here are some examples: how to set up a tent, proper way to brush your teeth, how to cook an omelette, how to punch someone so they will stop breathing.

8 ) Poetry: for dozens of years, people have been writing short lines to express themselves. Poems can be about anything and the best part is they don’t have to make sense. Here’s an example from a great blog called Free Poems:

I Light My Way

You know that I,

Couldn’t find my way back home,

Set in stone,

All that went wrong,

Oh child,

Carry on.

But I pray,

To myself,

To find another,

Reason to touch life,

Alone on a lost road,

Alone on a lost road,

I light my way,

I light my way.

– by: George Sivetidis

9) Anything, so long as it is really, really fucking long. Long blogs will grab attention, no matter what the topic is. Long blog posts make readers feel as though you’ve spent a lot of time working on it which in turn makes your audience take you more seriously. Some ideas for long-blog topics include:

  • Sailing: (Sailing is romantic. So many great pieces of shitty writing revolve around being at-sea. This works even if you’ve never been on a sailboat, or any other kind of boat.)
  • Your education: this works especially well if you have a college degree in something and feel as though you didn’t learn a fucking thing. People love hearing stories about people who wasted tens-of-thousands of dollars.
  • Why no one reads your blog: your readers (as much as they won’t admit it) love hearing you weep over yourself. They love hearing your pity-parties about how you’ve only had ten hits in the last day and how you’re wondering why you even do this shit. Be sure to include a list of blogs you like so your readers with think similarly of your blog.

10) Plagiarize: when all else fails, think of something you’d like to write about but either don’t have the balls or time to write about. Copy news articles, opinion pieces, interviews, and paste them right into your blog! Don’t forget to include the author’s name somewhere at the bottom of the page.

Blogging can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies, if you keep your ideas fresh. I hope this list of ideas gives you some inspiration. Start blogging!

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